Amy & Chris – Coolibah Downs Wedding

Amy & Chris are an adorable couple. Amy and I chatted many times on the phone in the lead up to the wedding. The call would be for something wedding related but then we’d chat for some time about anything and everything.

Amy has had health issues and Chris works hard to support them both. Despite the difficulties of life these two have such a strong bond. It’s an inspiration!

Chris got ready at the QT Hotel, Gold Coast.

Amy got ready at Jilkarben Homestead.

Amy & Chris’ wedding ceremony, on location photos and reception were all at Coolibah Downs Private Estate

For me, Amy & Chris’ wedding day started at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast with Chris’ groom preparation. This part of the Gold Coast is always such a great place to start a wedding day for me. That sea breeze air fills the lungs and makes me appreciate being a Queenslander. I was hoping that the room would be seaside as the ocean looks amazing when you’re up so high.

Hotel building with palm trees in the back ground

I was not disappointed! I could sit and watch the ocean roll off into the horizon for hours. I let Chris take a moment to relax and reflect on the importance of the day.

The room just seemed to have the right lines and edges in the right places.

Groom sitting on the balcony of his hotel room before the wedding ceremoney

Instead of just photographing the groomsmen gifts on their own I decided to place them so that you can see the beautiful day in the background. The colours of the ocean and sky all channel into obscure shapes of the schooners.

Four beer glasses with the beach in the background

Despite the heat, Chris was willing to get dressed a little earlier than he planned so I could take some ‘story telling’ photos.

Groom in white shirt buttons up his shirt and begins to put his tie on

Once he was fully dressed I couldn’t help but get a few photos of Chris with the ocean in the background.

Groom in his suit sitting by the window overlooking the beach and ocean

I took Chris and his groomsmen down to the lobby and outside for a couple of group photos.

Groom and his Groomsmen outside the QT Hotel

Groom and groomsmen in a hotel lobby in silhouette

A groom and his groomsmen in the lobby of a hotel

Groom leaning against a wall in a hotel lobby

After leaving Chris’ hotel room Sam and I made our way to Jilkarben Homestead where Amy and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

A sign saying "Jilkarben Homestead" in bushland

It was a really hot day that day and only one room in the homestead was air conditioned. So I let the everyone relax in the aircon’d room while I got to work photographing the ‘details’ and the wedding dress.

Wedding dress hanging in a dimly lit bedroom

The house had a beautiful, tall ceiling and a wonderful open space with the kitchen, dining room and lounge room.

Bride admires her wedding dress before getting dressed

You could tell how delighted Amy’s mother was that her little girl was getting married!

Mother of the bride fastens the back of a bride's wedding dress

Amy’s grandmother was there at the homestead. She decided not see Amy until she was fully dressed and ready for the ceremony. When I had finished all my shots that involved Amy in her dress I had her grandmother close her eyes then I guided her to the room where Amy was. When she opened her eyes you could tell how much seeing Amy, all dressed up for her wedding, made her feel!

Bride hugs her grandmother after getting dressed

Amy’s lovely bridesmaids got to do the final touches on Amy’s dress.

bridesmaids adjust bride's dress

Amy had a total of 8 in her side of the bridal party. Four bridesmaids, two junior bridesmaids and two ring bearers. They all looked so pretty!

Bride with bridesmaids and ring bearers

The back lighting in his part of the homestead was so beautiful. I loved those high windows and the light that streamed down from them.

Back shot of bride in her wedding dress

It was time to go to the chapel and get ready for Amy’s arrival.

Coolibah Downs is nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland in Mount Nathan. They have a picturesque chapel which is where Amy and Chris decided to have their ceremony.

White chapel with wedding sign out the front of it

Inside the chapel had such a cool design. It’s definitely the high arch ceiling.

Wedding guests waiting for the bride's arrival at a chapel

After the obligatory bridal lateness (you gotta do it!) Amy arrived in her limousine.

Bride smiling while looking out of her limousine

Chris couldn’t hide the joy on his face as Amy walked down the aisle with her father.

Again, this chapel was just beautiful. It was such a perfect place for Amy and Chris.

Wedding ceremony in a chapel

I love it when you can see the love coming through my clients’ facial expressions. You could just see how much Amy loved Chris while he was reading his vows.

Brides watches on with emotion in her face while her groom says his vows

Bride and groom have their first kiss

Amy and Chris are an adorable couple. Chris was quite stoic on the day, especially during his groom preparation photos (you can probably tell in the first few photos of this post) but whenever he was with Amy he would smile more and would be a lot more relaxed. He couldn’t hide how happy she makes him.

Bride and groom during the signing of the registry


Cheering shot!

Bride and Groom kiss while their guests cheer

We were all eager to head to the lake and parklands but I wanted to make sure I got a nice, moody shot of them in the church after their guests had left for cocktail hour.

Bride and Groom kiss at the doorway of a church

These two just belong together!

As it got a little darker we played around a little with lights.

Bride and Groom under the gazebo at Coolibah Downs

We didn’t even know about this walkway that runs through the beautiful forest! Lucky we had a wonder guide with us!

Bride and Groom in the forest walkway at Coolibah Downs

After a brief wind down Amy & Chris made their grand entrance!

There were a fair few speeches at the reception but they flowed so well.

Finally it was time for their first dance as husband and wife. Even when their guests joined them on the dance floor, Amy & Chris, no doubt, could only see each other as the rest of the world melted away.

Bride and Groom dancing at their reception at Coolibah Downs

And, as it always does, the inhibitions take a back seat as the guests let loose!

Groomsman singing along to the music at Coolibah Downs

I always love a bit of show-boating from the lucky bouquet toss catcher!

Bride tosses her bouquet at Coolibah Downs

It was a long, hot day but I was so thankful to be part of Amy & Chris’ wedding day! They are such a lovely couple and I was honored to be their wedding photographer.

Chris is a hard working, selfless man. He puts his beautiful wife ahead of himself at all times and never complains about how hard he works or about how difficult life can be, sometimes.

I am in awe of everything Amy has overcome and continues to overcome. I think of her whenever I think things in my life are tough. She is the brave soul we all hope we can be in difficult times.

Bride & Groom at the end of the night at Coolibah Downs