About Me

I am Eric Murano and I am an AIPP accredited professional wedding photographer living on Brisbane’s Bayside. Couples have been trusting me with the memories of their weddings since 2013.

Eric Murano

Ok, I’m not really as stiff as that previous paragraph suggests! Though I do have a pretty good scowl that keeps those canvassers you see in the CBD away! The trick is to just keep walking and just pretend as though they are completely invisible. Try it some time. Sometimes they get really uppity and throw some shade towards but who cares, am I right?

Writing this “about me” page feels a little bit like speed dating. Hava you ever been speed dating? I haven’t, but I think I would have a good time doing it. I wouldn’t even go to find a partner (my wife would kill me). I think the constraint of talking to someone for only a couple of minutes would be a fun challenge. Although, I have trouble ending a phone call with my mother. She says goodbye like 7 times before I finally get to hang up!

Look, I promise that I am capable of focusing on a task, so please don’t take this about me page as an indication of my attention span. These things are hard to write without sounding like you have so many tickets on yourself! But, you want to know about me, so I will knuckle down and tell you some stuff, prepare to be amazed!

I’m married to a beautiful woman named Karen and we have a cheeky son named Jack. Don’t believe all the married dudes that joke about how “she’s the boss” and “your life is over after your married”. It’s a good thing to do; I recommend it! … but she WILL be the boss, sorry man. My wife’s all right, she lets me out of the house every now and then. (I’m joking! Karen’s cool. I think she’d rather I left the house more Hrmm)

Ok, Eric, but what are you like on a wedding day?

I promise, right, that I am totally professional while photographing a wedding! I joke just enough to help people feel comfortable around me, but I don’t act like a complete clown!

I help you keep on track during the day, but I don’t make you feel like your fun is regimented. My goal on your wedding day is to make you feel like the things are handled. I don’t want you to wonder what happens next. I’ll guide you through the process of having your photos taken.

I love to help get the natural chemistry between people to come out while I photograph them. It makes for better photos and you end up enjoying it more. Why have a wedding if it’s not fun!?

I’m so glad I get to go to so many weddings. I like seeing people see each other for the first time in years. I like the nerves the groom gets just before his bride walks down the aisle. The bride being the center of attention and not quite being used to it. The father of the bride claiming he’s glad to be rid of her, yet tears up when he sees his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time.

Gah I love these crazy events!