About Me

Eric Murano

Every time a couple books me to photograph their wedding I’m a little surprised as well as delighted. The feeling I get when a couple trusts me to photograph one of the biggest milestones in their lives is like when you find out your secret crush likes you back.

Ok enough with the poetic mumbo jumbo!

I’m an AIPP accredited professional photographer and I specialise in wedding photography.

People often ask me if I’d consider offering other types of photography like newborns or fashion. I always say ‘not really’. I respect all forms of photography but, for now at least, I just like shooting weddings. There’s something about the pressure to perform. The trust people put in you. Most of all, weddings are the only time I get to see genuine emotion from complete strangers.

Here’s some stuff about me that have nothing to do with photography:

  • I have a beautiful wife and son
  • I am also a web developer (I built this website!)
  • I like jogging so I can eat more
  • I like lifting weights so I can be strong enough to carry all of my photo gear (I’ve been told I have G.A.S. – gear acquisition syndrome)
  • I haven’t lifted weights regularly for a couple of years so I make my assistant carry everything
  • I will probably buy KFC chips after your wedding (sorry)


Eric Murano

Me at a friend’s wedding, not on the job!